An Archipelago

An archipelago is a stretch of sea containing many islands. This is a useful analogy for visualizing internet platforms – which simultaneously connect and isolate people and places. “an archipelago” considers landscapes and building forms as an expansion of this analogy, and then facilitates new content (and connections) as a result. This installation consists of vacuum formed landscapes and structures, hand screen printed plinth, and custom audio. The piece hangs from a ceiling at various heights and allows users to “pop-up” inside the pod structures where custom audio tracks are played. Closed circuit and wifi/ web cameras stream and project various localized and internet interactions onto the pod structures. The result is a thematic performance infrastructure which is allows intimate engagement with various types of media across a vast ocean of internet.

polytubing, plywood floor, plastisol

8' x 12' x 40'

Goethe Institut ( early portion )

Johannesburg, South Africa

Curator Ingrid Lefleur

Venice Architectural Biennale 2014 ( early portion )

Bullets Without Ideology

Venice, Italy

Curator Storefront for Art and Architecture

BEMIS Center for contemporary Art - Time+Space: Futures

Omaha, NE

Curator Ellie Kevorkian

Biennale Internationale Design St. Etienne 2017

St. Etienne France

Curator Public Design Trust