Fun City

NEW PROJECTS studio and gallery proudly announces the opening of its inaugural exhibition, FUN CITY featuring architect Aaron Jones, a 5th generation Oklahoman currently practicing in East Detroit. Jones’ work engages culture at large with an architecture of optimism.

The exhibition includes three new built works and four large panels excerpted from Jones’ original comic Choose Your Own Adventure: Detroit. Jones’ current built work combines bent pipe structures and mass market components with unconventional uses of color and materials.

“   The pipes come from Home Depot as chain link fence components and are post-processed into shapes and systems engineered for eventual assembly.  These assemblies typically find themselves within the vacated structures so common within contemporary Detroit.  The combination of big box material sourcing, industrial processing, and post industrial programs become particularly interesting, and I think, uniquely American.   “

The exhibition kicked off last Thursday April 19 with a public conversation between Aaron Jones, architect Erik Hemingway, and Karen Kice, the Neville Bryan Assistant Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago. FUN CITY will be open until May 30, 2012 in the NEW PROJECTS storefront gallery at 3621 S. State St. Chicago, Illinois.


Chicago, IL

Curators Stephanie Smith, Marshall Brown