Complex Movements / Beware of the Dandelions

Beware of the Dandelions is a mobile art installation that functions as a performance, workshop space, and visual arts exhibition. The piece intersects disciplines including: community organizing, design, hip-hop and electronic music, architecture, and theater. The performance and generative design are projected onto the surface of the pod to create an immersive visual and sound experience that incorporates science-fiction, projections, songs, and interactive game elements.

"...it is a technologically advanced interactive sculpture that combines the sophistication and nuance of Martin Puryear’s sculptures with the skeletal yet functional architecture of Mies van der Rohe. Described briefly, it is a 400-square-foot geometric pod structure composed of several somewhat opaque screens. Being inside it is like being ensconced inside a strangely luminous diamond"

Taylor Aldridge / ARTnews

Charles Wright Museum of African American History

Detroit, MI

On The Boards / Behnke Center for Performing Arts

Seattle, WA

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Southern Methodist University

Dallas, TX

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